Blood & Barrels

ep.101 - LIVE - The Pensacola Ninja Murders

March 19, 2023 Blood & Barrels Episode 107
Blood & Barrels
ep.101 - LIVE - The Pensacola Ninja Murders
Show Notes

Blood & Barrels Podcast is back for its 3rd live episode recording at Emerald Republic Brewing in Pensacola, FL! This week, we will be taking you on a wild ride through the chilling and mysterious case of the Pensacola Ninja Murders.

Five men dressed as ninjas, with two getaway drivers waiting outside, broke into the home of a prominent family and brutally murdered the couple execution style, leaving behind their 10 special needs children and other grown children.  And what's a live episode without some amazing beers to try? So grab a drink and join us as we sip on some of the best brews Emerald Republic has to offer, all while diving deep into the case.

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