Blood & Barrels

ep.111 - Victor Licata

May 23, 2023 Blood & Barrels Episode 118
Blood & Barrels
ep.111 - Victor Licata
Show Notes

Hey there fellow true crime enthusiasts! Get kick back, pour yourself a drink, and for this case maybe blaze up a spliff. This week, we're diving deep into the chilling case of Victor Licata and how the tragic murder of his family inspired the movie Reefer Madness. Did Victor really murder his family with an axe because the was smoking the ganja as politicians argued? Is it possible that it wasn't Victor at all, but a mob hit? The twists and turns in this case will have you on the edge of your seat! And, to sweeten the deal, we'll be trying different spirits from Florida Cane Distillery in Ybor City, FL. This case is too twisty to miss!

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